Core Services



We provide agency services for all vessel operations in all West African ports where we have our presence. Our team of professionals is always readily available to provide all the expertise to ensure operations go smoothly. .


Ship Chandler

We are general ship chandlers providing quality stores for deck, engine, catering, cabin, stationery at affordable prices. We can supply and coordinate for fresh water, bunkers, lubricants, paints and any other item needed in a ship or factory according to request.


Port Documentation

Documentation can be daunting, undergo scrutiny and cause undue delays. With our competence and proficiencies, we can provide timely thorough legitimate documentations that take cognizance of all necessary information.


Tugboat Services

Equipped with modern tugboats, we are rightly positioned to make deliveries to and fro ships offshore at your earliest requests.


Equipment Leasing

We can lease and/or source for maritime equipment like fenders, hoses and badges for your operations at very affordable prices.


Crew safety & Management

Safety is paramount in every maritime activity. We provide adequate measures to ensure that crew members are safe.


Protective Agency

We provide protective shipping agency services to the shipowners, charterers, time charterers in the situations where the conflict of interests exists or is anticipated from the shipping agent.


Bunker Draft
Condition Survey

A bunker and conditional survey of a vessel is a key component used when establishing and documenting the condition of a vessel. We perform this service.

Outsource your Shipping Issues to Us

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Operational Activities

Take advantage of our competence, experience and availability to get best in class services, quality equipment and complete support for your maritime projects. Our team are readily available to assist, proffer solutions and make tangible recommendations where, when and if necessary.